Where does Hopping Billie’s deliver?2023-11-22T11:40:27+00:00

Hopping Billie’s imports exclusive craft beers from all over the world to Belgium. We deliver throughout the whole territory of Belgium: in Flanders, Brussels as well as Wallonia.

What’s the price for delivery in Belgium?2023-11-22T11:17:22+00:00

Delivery to your company is possible for orders from €250 upwards only. For any order of 250€ and upwards, delivery in Belgium is free! Orders below €250 can only be collected from our warehouse in Antwerp.

Is there a minimum order amount?2023-11-22T11:12:43+00:00

There is no minimum order amount, but home delivery to your business is only possible for orders from €250 upwards. Orders below €250 must be collected from our warehouse in Antwerp.

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