Hopping Billie’s for bars & restaurants

From IPA’s to Stouts, once-rare beers are becoming common in drinking and dining establishments. Your customers are increasingly looking for the taste of Craft Beer. The price difference between commercial beer and craft beer is narrowing, making it also easier for your customers to opt for quality. With our wide range of great brews, Hopping Billie’s is the perfect partner for your business.


  • Access to the Hopping Billie’s pre-sale, where you’ll always find an exclusive selection of the latest beers
  • Access to the exclusive online store for easy online ordering
  • High quality beers in all price ranges, available in bottles, cans and kegs
  • A wide range of exclusive beers, only found at Hopping Billie’s
  • Updated range of the most recent beers, always freshly available
  • Personalized service to find the right products for your business
  • Tips and advice on all styles of beer
  • Help with organizing beer events in your company (tastings, meeting with the brewer, etc.)
  • Free delivery to your address for orders from 250€ and upwards
  • Flexible delivery conditions and delivery times
  • No 9 to 5 mentality, service adapted to catering entrepreneurs

Robin Charise van Sundert

Import Director

Customer service, delivery & events

+32 491 76 79 69

Stéfan Cauwenbergs

Import Director

Import & Sales