Hopping Billie’s For Events

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Just like the offers and personalized service of Hopping Billie’s! Whether you are hosting a full Oktoberfest or simply looking for a quality beer to offer to your visitors, Hopping Billie’s can provide accompaniment to suit any event.

Contact us and let’s discuss the possibilities together!


  • Personalized service, adapted to your event
  • Exclusive beers, available in bottles, cans and kegs
  • Craft beer available in all price ranges
  • Small and large quantities available
  • Free delivery to your address for orders from 250 € and upwards

Robin Charise van Sundert

Import Director

Customer service, delivery & events

+32 491 76 79 69

Stéfan Cauwenbergs

Import Director

Import & Sales